I’ll be Strong!


No matter how Happy I say I am…no matter how much I try to laugh…no matter how much I try to socialise… no matter how relaxed I pretend to be…
I know that as the days will pass…,Things will become really complicated and out of control…

There’ll be responsibilities… There’ll be expectations… There’ll be failure…There’ll be criticism… I’ll find people waiting for an opportunity to knock me down… those will be the tough times of my life…chances are I may find myself lonely…I may start doubting my abilities… I may start losing the confidence and respect in self… My heart will be crying in my quiet moments…Sad, disturbed, disheartened and isolated! 

But I promise Instead of feeling hopeless,  I’ll make myself strong…! 
Strong enough to face those challenges life throws at me… Strong enough to lift the burden of responsibilities… Strong enough to fulfil my dreams and meet their expectations… Strong enough to rise above failure and criticism… Strong enough to make u people happy… Strong enough to forget the past… Strong enough to gift us a better and peaceful tomorrow…
yes,  I’ll be strong… I’ll be Unshakeable…I’ll be the better me…!

– Kamal singh


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