Jeena seekh liya tha maine!


Gammo ko chupa k hasna seekh liya tha maine…
Aansuo ko samét k shoolo pe chalna seekh liya tha maine…

Dusron ko meethas chakha k kadwa goont khud pee jana seekh liya tha maine…
Unki khushiyo me khudki khushi ko talashna seekh liya tha maine…

Log kehte rahé bévkoof humé… Par un naadano ki anjaan bankar madad karna seekh liya tha maine…

Haan! Char din ki is zindagi ko jeena seekh liya tha maine…

– Kamal singh (Aazad)


The Easiest way of becoming Rich!


It was 19th February 2016!
Yes.., how can I forget that day!
I was on an audit assignment when I met this learned gentleman in Tuticorin…We were having a Conversation over a cup of tea…

Throughout our conversation,  I was observing this man very closely… his gestures,  his expressions, the way he was talking… Every good thing that I could learn from him…that I could improve!

This man looked so happy as if he had all it takes to lead a happy and prosperous life…as the conversation went on, he started sharing his life lessons…
He put forth a question on the table
“What is the easiest way of becoming rich?”
I gave no second thought and replied with utmost politeness “sir, there’s no easy way of becoming rich.”… With a smile on his face,  he patted my shoulder and said, ‘true!’  but there is a way which can act as a catalyst in becoming rich…!
I was eagerly waiting for the “Big secret” which was about to be unrevealed…
He continued… “if you dream of climbing the success ladder really quick…, Know rich people! be with rich people! …as these people will help you reach heights which would take you years without them…”

When you are with billionaires,  you think like Billionaires!

And this statement made a huge impact on me…I started thinking over it…
He sounded like a success guru and inputs which came from him were like never failing success tips…

He stressed on the importance of Time…and advised to make quick decisions and grab opportunities with both our hands as and when they knock our doors…!

Our conversation ended with an answer to my question “what does success requires? ” to which the gentleman replied “to me success requires 3 things ‘information’,  ‘Contacts’  and ‘implementation’.”

If you Know something which nobody else knows and also you know someone who is really powerful and known to everyone…then bring your plans in action my friend! No one…and i mean No one! can stop you from living your dreams… From being successful… From being famous… From being rich!

Believe in yourself my friend… Believe in the beauty of your dreams… Build your network… Market yourself… And act for your dreams!!
The sky is the limit!! The sky is the limit!!

– Kamal singh

I’ll be Strong!


No matter how Happy I say I am…no matter how much I try to laugh…no matter how much I try to socialise… no matter how relaxed I pretend to be…
I know that as the days will pass…,Things will become really complicated and out of control…

There’ll be responsibilities… There’ll be expectations… There’ll be failure…There’ll be criticism… I’ll find people waiting for an opportunity to knock me down… those will be the tough times of my life…chances are I may find myself lonely…I may start doubting my abilities… I may start losing the confidence and respect in self… My heart will be crying in my quiet moments…Sad, disturbed, disheartened and isolated! 

But I promise Instead of feeling hopeless,  I’ll make myself strong…! 
Strong enough to face those challenges life throws at me… Strong enough to lift the burden of responsibilities… Strong enough to fulfil my dreams and meet their expectations… Strong enough to rise above failure and criticism… Strong enough to make u people happy… Strong enough to forget the past… Strong enough to gift us a better and peaceful tomorrow…
yes,  I’ll be strong… I’ll be Unshakeable…I’ll be the better me…!

– Kamal singh

We are better!


Everyone have their own stories of those dark and stormy nights…Every life has it’s own problems…But the only difference is some complain while others win their battles in silence!

Let’s respect those strong hearts who rise above criticism… Who learn and better themselves every day and fight their battles for a better and glorious life..!

You and me…We all have somewhere deep inside our hearts a potential to make miracles…Courage to amaze the world!  We are much better than what they think…We are strong… We are powerful…and with those positive vibes in us we can move mountains no matter how strong they are…

And remember you courageous

“it doesn’t matter how they look at you… What matters the most is how you look at yourself… If you could see a hero in you then believe me one day they will see it too!”

Yes!  We are courageous… We deserve a better life…
To win it’s necessary that we trust ourselves…have faith in us…Have a strong will power…determination… Dedication and that awesome attitude to never give up no matter what!

Human spirit is powerful!
Failed!  It doesn’t matter…we’ll not fear of these temporary inconveniences!  We will try again and again and again… And one day We will succeed for sure… We will gift ourself a better life…
All we need is a right goal…right attitude… Right guidance…right amount of efforts…years of practice to master our fields… And then an opportunity to show the world “Hey!  I am much better than what you thought!”
We will learn… We will improve ourselves… We will acquire knowledge…we will seize opportunities…
We will face our problems with our heads high…and eventually we will succeed!

– Kamal singh

Nahi bhoolunga mai…


Vho aapki bholi bhaali baate
Vho aapke yaad mai guzari hui raate
Nahi bhoolunga mai jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan

Aapka un choti choti baato pe rooth jana
Aur mera aapko pyar se manana
Nahi bhoolunga mai jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan

Mere kuch kehne se pehle meri baato ko samaj jaana
Baate sunke meri pyar se muskurana
Nahi bhoolunga mai jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan

Aapke khayalo mai pagalo ki tarah goomna
Yaad karke us tasveer ko bar bar choomna
Nahi bhoolunga mai jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan

Aapko puri tarah samajna janana
Aur aapko dil se apna maanana
Nahi bhoolunga mai jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan

– Kamal singh (Aazad)